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"Deploying the Enroll-Link solution allowed us to reduce our EDI enrollment workforce from 16 EDI enrollment specialists to 6 in a matter of months." 

 Vice President of EDI Services
Top Four National
Practice Manager Solutions Vendor


"Enroll-Link has allowed us to be more responsive to our client's needs by giving us a way to track follow-up, be proactive in many circumstances, and stay on track during the enrollment process."

Team Lead, EDI Implementation

Daniel K Mansfield (Co-founder)

Co-founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Mansfield is the primary architect of the Enroll-Link solution.

Mr. Mansfield is one of the few experts on designing and implementing EDI enrollment software systems, real-time EDI transactions, web-based technologies and healthcare in the United States.

A graduate of Brown University, Mr. Mansfield has over 25 years of development experience on mainframes, PC's, and servers. He started his IS career in the insurance industry and shifted to telecommunications where he spent 9 years in development and project management, including the development of network design software and billing systems for Sprint. During the last 10 years he has concentrated on the development of PC products with an emphasis on healthcare EDI.

Prior to Enroll Link, Mr. Mansfield served as Vice President and CTO of officemed.com LLC. Officemed.com is an Internet application service provider specializing in the real-time delivery of healthcare insurance transactions to its customers. Founded in 1998, Officemed.com was purchased by Per-Sé Technologies in April 2001. Officemed.com was one of nine companies recognized as graduates from the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) in 2002.

Mr. Mansfield was also a founding partner at National Verification Systems, LLP, a Georgia-based company that developed and sold the VeriQuest™ Eligibility Verification System to large U.S. healthcare providers. In September of 1996, NVS was purchased by Envoy-NEIC -- later acquired by WebMD -- and has become a successful division of that company.

Mr. Mansfield is a co-inventor of the 1998 patent for an "Automated System and Method for Providing Real-Time Verification of Health Insurance Eligibility."


Ed Rieker (Co-founder)

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