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"Deploying the Enroll-Link solution allowed us to reduce our EDI enrollment workforce from 16 EDI enrollment specialists to 6 in a matter of months." 

 Vice President of EDI Services
Top Four National
Practice Manager Solutions Vendor


"Enroll-Link has allowed us to be more responsive to our client's needs by giving us a way to track follow-up, be proactive in many circumstances, and stay on track during the enrollment process."

Team Lead, EDI Implementation

The Problem

The Current EDI Enrollment Problem...

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The EDI Enrollment problem is confusing and complex. Enroll-Link's examination of this intricate issue has enabled the development of a comprehensive solution. For the first time, vendors have access to a complete system to help them manage the processes and paperwork inherent to the enrollment of a healthcare provider for the submission of EDI transactions to health plans. Following is an outline of some of the issues involved.