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"Deploying the Enroll-Link solution allowed us to reduce our EDI enrollment workforce from 16 EDI enrollment specialists to 6 in a matter of months." 

 Vice President of EDI Services
Top Four National
Practice Manager Solutions Vendor


"Enroll-Link has allowed us to be more responsive to our client's needs by giving us a way to track follow-up, be proactive in many circumstances, and stay on track during the enrollment process."

Team Lead, EDI Implementation


GOAL 3: To automate manual activities and communications

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Much of an enrollment specialist’s time is devoted to communicating information and status to provider’s, enrollment management, and salespeople. Enroll-Link, via its automated workflow capability, supports the creation of communication actions that are automatically driven by the workflow. For example, an email or fax communication can be produced and automatically directed to the appropriate provider contact, enrollment manager, salesperson contact, or even payer contact for an account.

To support this function, Enroll-link supports creation of email templates which allow specific account information to be inserted into the template prior to sending. The inserted information can be derived from any of the data levels that comprise Enroll-Link’s data structure: Account, Provider, Location, Payer, Provider/Location, or Provider/Location/Payer.

In addition, Enroll-Link supports faxing or emailing of Adobe PDF template documents. Like the email documents, account information can be inserted into the PDFs and the PDFs in turn can be automatically faxed or attached to an email.

A major issue during the enrollment phase is the requirement to fill and sign payer agreements. Most vendors send unfilled agreements to the provider and hope that they will fill and sign them in a timely fashion. Enroll-Link supports automated fill-in of payer agreements stored in PDF format. Using this function, an enrollment specialist can pre-fill the payer agreements using information collected on an account. The pre-filled agreements can then be emailed, faxed, or printed and mailed to the provider for final signature.

Most Client Tracking/CRM systems include email and fax capabilities. Typically, only Client Tracking/CRM systems with automated workflow are able to automate the communications. Most PC database and spreadsheet solutions will not support this function, although a few will support some limited form-filling of documents.

The ability to form-fill PDFs is unique to Enroll-Link. Most Client Tracking/CRM systems that have form-fill capability for documents use Microsoft Word’s mail-merge function to perform the fill-in. The major advantage of PDFs over Microsoft Word is that payer agreements are typically only available either in hardcopy (which can be scanned to a PDF) or in PDF format. Since most payers require that their specific forms be used, Microsoft Word is not a viable solution.

Finally no existing Client Tracking/CRM system, even with extensive customization, would be able to match Enroll-Links designed-in ability to form-fill payer agreements. The data-structure design of Enroll-Link and it’s specialization as an enrollment product give it a large advantage over Client Tracking/CRM systems in handling the unique and complex nature of form-filling payer agreements.

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