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"Deploying the Enroll-Link solution allowed us to reduce our EDI enrollment workforce from 16 EDI enrollment specialists to 6 in a matter of months." 

 Vice President of EDI Services
Top Four National
Practice Manager Solutions Vendor


"Enroll-Link has allowed us to be more responsive to our client's needs by giving us a way to track follow-up, be proactive in many circumstances, and stay on track during the enrollment process."

Team Lead, EDI Implementation


GOAL 4: To provide a window, via the Internet, to enrollment data-collection and status for both healthcare providers and business partners

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As a web-based product, Enroll-Link can be securely accessed anywhere in the world via a web browser. Enroll-Link uses both standard industry encryption technology (SSL) and secured logins.

In addition to access by enrollment specialists, Enroll-Link can support direct provider access for data-input. Via a walk-through wizard, a provider can create a unique login user id and password and then create the details of their account. By offering this capability to the provider, a vendor can push the accuracy of the data to the source. The provider also has the capability to create additional users who in-turn have access to the account. Providers have a limited view of their account and can only access the features that are pertinent to them.

Many vendors have business partners that re-sell the vendor’s services. Enroll-Link supports the creation of partner entities that have access to only their accounts. Using their partner access, a business partner can data-enter on behalf of a provider or check account status. Partners have a limited view of information and can only access a limited subset of features.

Many Client Tracking/CRM systems are not web-enabled. For those that are, most will have a role-based security, similar to Enroll-Link’s. They don’t, however, typically have a wizard that walks a new user through the data-collection process. Most do not offer the ability for business partners to view or enter customer data. PC Databases and spreadsheets will not support Internet access.